Michael Geising
SAP® Principal Full Stack Developer and Senior Consultant

Freelance Full Stack Developer and Consultant
 Profound Know-How and Experience

  • I am a professional full-stack freelance SAP® developer and consultant from frontend to HANA database
  • Back in 1997, I started with SAP® ERP and eventually moved on to SAP® CRM in 2003. 
  • In 2018, S/4 HANA® became a predominent part of my work which involves SAP® Gateway and CDS Views including SQLScript and ABAP® Managed Database Procedures
  • Around the same time, I started with SAP Mobility such as SAP Fiori®, SAP® AppGyver® and Mobisys MSB® as well as HANA native developments.

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Extensive Knowledge

I have already worked for several national and international clients, from Senior Developer to Software Architect and Team Lead.

Almost all projects included a wide range of tasks such as blueprinting, prototyping, customizing as well as an extensive scope of development and programming tasks.

International Experience

Throughout my international career, I have been able to acquire strong language skills:

  • Fluent German - born and raised in Germany
  • Fluent English - educated and worked in the UK
  • Fluent Spanish - married into a Spanish family which made it the language at home
  • French - lived in France for a while (though pretty rusty these days)